A holiday just isn't a holiday without the proper refreshments! Here are some recipes sure to set the proper mood for any Hallowe'en celebration.

Iced Monster Cookies

Eyeball Cookies

Witch's Brew

Blood Shake

Bone Sandwiches

Crusty Booger Balls

Brain Cookies

Brain Cell Salad

A Gruesome Brew

There's a Bug In My Drink!

Bugs 'N Dirt Sandwiches

Cheese Eyeballs

Creature Eggs

Dinner In a Pumpkin

Easy Insects

Green Eye Pie

Eyeball Snacks

Werewolf Eyes and Vampire Blood

Dead Man's Fingers

French Fried Eyeballs

Frog's Eye Salad

Graveyard Treat

Kitty Litter

Pumpkin Seeds

Spider Salad

Tombstone Biscuits

Gory Yellow Hand

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