Creature Eggs

Submitted by Rebekah

You will need:

6 Or 12 canned peach halves
- AND -
1/3 c Syrup
- OR -
For small creature eggs, use
- apricot halves instead and - double up
1/2 c Orange-flavored liqueur,
- such as Cointreau, opt.
1 c Whipping cream
2 ts Powdered sugar
1/2 ts Vanilla

Put peaches/apricots, cut side down, and syrup in an 8 inch square pan. Add liqueur; cover and chill 6 hours or up to overnight. With an electric mixer, whip cream, sugar and vanilla until cream holds soft peaks. Spoon 1/6 of the cream onto each of 6 salad plates and spread out to form a disk about 4 inches across for 'egg whites'. With slotted spoon, lift peaches/apricots from syrup and arrange 1 peach or 2 apricots ('double yolks'), round side up, in the center of cream on each plate to make 'yolks'. Pour syrup into a small pitcher and offer to pour onto individual portions. Makes 6 servings. MY notes: this is 'especially' effective if black plates are used. They really look like sunny-side up eggs! And the Cointreau adds a delightful taste sensation.

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