Episode 4-64: Journey To the Centre of the Neitherworld

First Aired: Thursday December 5, 1991
Written by: David Silverman
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To get out of housework, BJ passes the time away telling Lydia about the time he and Jacques journeyed to the center of the Neitherworld to rescue Vern Jewels, who was being held prisoner by Captain Nemo (who wanted to be rewritten into a hero role).

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
This ep is entertaining, but having seen 'Highs Ghoul Confidential,' I can be certain that the tale BJ tells is not partially made up, it's entirely made up - there are just too many inconsistencies. But, remembering that Beetlejuice is making up the story keeps this episode from becoming annoying. I especially like Nemo's fish collection.

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