Episode 4-65: Not So Peaceful Pines

First Aired: Friday December 6, 1991
Written by: Michael Edens
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Beetlejuice does the Mayor of Peaceful Pines a favor, but the Mayor renigs on his promise of a cash reward. So Beetlejuice, in a fit of anger, splits his personality into his good and his bad sides, and the bad side wreaks havoc on the town. Lydia and the good side are forced to fetch Dr. Zigmund Void to help remedy the situation.

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for "Lights Out"

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I'll tell you what, the first ten or so minutes of this episode are uber cool - BJ back as a bio-exorcist! Woo hoo! There are even a couple of hints back to 'Critter Sitters.' But as soon as BJ's personality splits, the ep goes way downhill. The separation of BJ's personalities, body parts, etc. seems to be an all-too-often-utilized plot device for this show, and besides, I don't care for Zigmund Void. This was the last episode of the series.

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