Episode 4-63: Catmandu Got Your Tongue

First Aired: Wednesday December 4, 1991
Written by: Julianne Klemm
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A black cat burglar makes off with BJ's tongue and takes it to Catmandu. BJ, after 'borrowing' the Monster's tongue, joins the Forlorn Legion with Jacques to storm Catmandu and get his stolen property back.

Featured CGI Portion:

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
There's a lot of funny stuff in this episode (especially the Forlorn Legion), but there's one major problem with the story. I thought that when BJ was missing a body part, he was unable to use his powers, but he's using his juice left and right throughout this ep. Oh well. (If you want to be nitpicky this actually happens a lot. Sorta like how the rule that Beetlejuice can't say his own name gets broken constantly.)

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