Episode 4-34: Time Flies

First Aired: Thursday October 24, 1991
Written by: Michael Edens
Full Fourth Season Credits

It's the anniversary of the day BJ and Lydia met, and BJ presents Lydia with a watch. But time flies, and Beetlejuice and Lydia follow the escaped watch through the Sands Of Time, where they meet Grandfather Time. BJ gives the poor old geezer a cog-attack, thoroughly messing up the flow of Time. They must get Time restarted or nothing will be the same again.

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for The Amazing (a word I couldn't make out) Travel Alarm

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
This is one of my favorite episodes - it's just so interesting. Note: there was, as I recall, a very similar episode produced years later on the Bonkers show...hmm. (BTW, sorry about the overuse of the word 'time' in the summary but it couldn't be helped. ;*)

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