Episode 4-33: Mr. Beetlejuice Goes To Town

First Aired: Wednesday October 23, 1991
Written by: Sandy Scesny
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When Mayor Maynot threatens to tear down the Roadhouse to make room for a new superhighway, Beetlejuice runs for office - and wins. But it is soon apparent that BJ is an even more corrupt mayor than the last one, and it's up to his friends to get him de-elected before he gets too out of hand.

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I like this one okay. Another example of how Beetlejuice can't handle responsibility - and one of the few times in the series we get to see BJ lust after a woman (who just happens to be Lydia! I guess some things never completely change). I especially like the sequence where Beetlejuice gets "swept" into office.

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