Episode 4-35: To Beetle Or Not To Beetle

First Aired: Friday October 25, 1991
Written by: Mark Edens
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Lydia has to write a paper on Shakespeare for her English class, but can't understand his plays. So BJ takes her to the Neitherworld to meet Shakey's characters, who turn out to be rather disgruntled with their roles. When they kidnap Lydia and try to force her to rewrite their plays, BJ must rescue her; then it's up to the both of them to cure Shakespeare of his monumental writer's block.

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
Another of my favorites! This episode is so funny - I laugh aloud every time I see it. The Shakespeare jokes! They kill me! Wondering what's rotten in Denmark? Why, it's Beetlejuice (naturally). I wish I could get over writer's block so dramatically. (Note: I don't care for theatre, but I would definitely pay to go see "Hambo".)

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