Episode 4-32: Rotten Sports

First Aired: Tuesday October 22, 1991
Written by: Michael Edens
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Beetlejuice recruits Lydia to coach Team BJ in the Neitherworld All-Ghoul Games. But the team is hopeless and the opposition is fierce - can Lydia motivate her friends enough to even dream of winning, especially Beetlejuice, who's devoted all his time to product endorsements?

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I really don't like this one. Lydia is out of character and there are too many plot holes - for what plot there is. I think there was supposed to be a third team, but where were they? I get the feeling the writer was trying to emulate the Greenville Goons and Sweetwater Schnooks of Loony Tunes fame, but was unsuccessful. But hey - if this episode had had a pitching elephant, maybe it would have been better. =)

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