Episode 4-31: Highs-Ghoul Confidential

First Aired: Monday October 21, 1991
Written by: Marty Isenberg & Robert N. Skir
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While flipping through Beetlejuice's high school yearbook, Lydia is astounded to discover that her best friend was none other than Prom King! She presses BJ for the story, and he tells it - and it is one doozy of a tale.

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for Barry MeNot's Tuxedo Dungeon

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I like this episode a lot. Although it is one of those eps that proves BJ to not have died as an adult, but rather to have grown up in the Neitherworld, I liked seeing Beetlejuice as a gawky teenager.

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