The Soapbox

All right, let me start with the one I hear (and think) all the time: If Beetlejuice is a "ghost" (i.e. dead), then why are there episodes that show him to have been born and raised in the Neitherworld?

Ok, I have an explaination (take it or leave it). But first I have to present some definitions.

There are three major groupings of beings in the Neitherworld:

A ghost is the "leftover" part of a person who has died; it parts itself from the body once all life functions have ceased. Ghosts are subject to a lot of strict rules and regulations while they still inhabit the living world (see the movie). When and if a ghost reaches the Neitherworld, they either remain a ghost or become a ghoul (see below).

Ghoul is the term to describe any generic (humanoid) undead being, including but not limited to vampires, poltergeists, spectres, even ghosts. Note: all ghosts are ghouls but not all ghouls are ghosts! Let me explain, if you don't understand/hate it/have a better idea, feel free to spam me (addy below :^).
Okay, the Neitherworld is older than the Earth, older than any living world. Some of the beings that exist there have been around literally forever. Most have always been ghouls, but some started out as ghosts. The Neitherworld extends into several dimensions, so infinate population growth over time is not a problem. Now, ghouls are born, of other ghouls, just like living beings are born in the living world of other living beings. Again, most of these ghouls are just ghouls, but some of them were once ghosts. That is, it's a sort of reincarnation (hey, I can't see any other way to explain this!). When a ghost "crosses over" from the living world to the Neitherworld, a series of paperwork decides whether they remain as they are (most cases), or if they "qualify" for reincarnation (they make it sound good, but most don't care for it). Reincarnated ghosts are born with fuzzy memories but recall their lives (and deaths) soon enough. Therefore, these "children" are generally very mature from toddlerhood. These beings are common enough so that no one treats them specially or are discriminated against in any way. This is just another little thing that makes the Neitherworld so weird...

Monster is the generic term for any nonhumanoid undead creature in the Neitherworld. No monster ever existed in the living world, unless they escaped from the Neitherworld to get there (in other words, Earthly monsters such as Bigfoot and Nessie are really just escaped Neitherworld monsters).


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