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This page deals with inconsistancies and mistakes made on the Beetlejuice cartoon show. If you have anything to add (whether it be question or answer), please email me, Sparky, at Let me know if I can use your name, email, and web page addy, too, in case I want to post your comment(s).

See some speculations offered up by previous visitors to this page.

Have you noticed, the town where the Deetz's live in the movie is called Winter River, whereas the town they live in in the cartoon is called Peaceful Pines? I guess there really is a Winter River or something, and they couldn't use the name. Anyone know?

In the first season, Beetlejuice was often referanced to as having been guilty of putting gila monsters down the Mayor's boxers several times in the past (and we get to actually see him do it in Pat On the Back). The weird thing is, this mayor is not the bandage-wrapped Mayor Maynot that we all got to know in the later seasons, however, his name is Mayor Maynot. Huh? Did BJ sell him some weird new hair tonic that made him turn invisible? I think it may be the same person doing the voices for both mayors, although the wrapped one has a more eccentric manner of speaking. So...What's up with that?

Note: I had previously stated on this page that Mayor Maynot was a mummy. I was in error. When I took a close look at him in order to draw him, I realized he is in fact an invisible man, wrapped up and with sunglesses just like in the classic novel/film. How clever of the series creators to make the corrupt mayor character an invisible man! I regret any confusion I may have caused.

Here's a big one...What ever happened to Percy? You know, the Deetz's paranoid black cat? As far as I know, he only appeared in a handful of eps, only to vanish without a trace. You can see him in the opening sequence of the first season, if you look carefully: he's in one of the photos on the wall that gets ripped apart. So, what happened to him? Did he finally have a coronary? Did he run away? Was it a Wonder Bread truck? What? Hmm...Maybe he's off trying to take over the world in a super-suit with opposable thumbs or something...anyone have any ideas?

How about this one: What jobs does everyone have? We all know that BJ is unemployed, but what about Jacques and Ginger? The Monster? How about Charles Deetz--I never could figure out what his job was in the movie exactly, and besides, I'm sure he got fired from it.

And what about Donny? In all the episodes where we see BJ's family, or flashbacks to BJ's time in high school, Donny is nowhere to be seen. Now, I know that it may be because the writers hadn't invented him yet, but it's still weird. Do you think that maybe he was in a boarding school, with nuns or something, and that's why he's so well-behaved?

figas asks:
In the Hallowe'en episode, where Claire was laughing at Lydia, she walks away with 2 big blond grade 6 boys. If Miss Shannon's School is for girls, then why were there a couple of guys in the school? Did Mr.Brandon's School for boys burn down and they needed some place to stay and learn for awhile? I have no idea.

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