Could it be?? is! Yes, it's (deep announcer voice) The Return of the Beetlejuice Trivia Page!!! (*crash of thunder*) BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

Yes, people begged and pleaded, and - I admit it - I ignored them, but finally, here it is once again: the BJ Trivia Quiz. It's only been, what, 3, 4 years? :^) I dropped a few of the trickier questions, and may add some new ones eventually, but please enjoy this version. (And see if I ever do anything for you ever again!! ;^)

1) What three items are left suspended in the air whenever BJ teleports from place to place?
a) A skull, a tin can, and a beetle
b) An eyeball, a beetle, and a bat
c) An eyeball, a tin can, and a bat
d) Three beetles

2) What is Lydia's favorite hobby?
a) Video games
b) Surfing the internet
c) Exercising
d) Photography

3) What private school does Lydia go to?
a) Miss Shannon's School For Girls
b) Miss Shannon's Military Academy
c) Miss Shannon's Private University
d) Miss Shannon's Community College

4) What six-armed character was once a famous armpit musician?
a) Mr. Monitor
b) Grizelda
c) Flubbo
d) Mrs. Bugsly

5) What is Doomie's full name?
a) Doom From Above
b) Meet Your Doom
c) Doomed Racer
d) Dragster of Doom

6) In extreme closeups we can see the color of Beetlejuice's pupils. What color are they?
a) Brown
b) Violet
c) Green
d) Blue

7) What is the name of the Deetz' cat?
a) Percy
b) Scaredy
c) Fluffy
d) Midnight

8) Doomie's girlfriend, Pinky, belonged to which character?
a) Mayor Maynot
b) Judge Mental
c) Armhold Musclehugger
d) Little Miss Warden

9) Who is the Neitherworld's most popular talk-show host?
a) Jerry Springshot
b) Benny Bones
c) Opal Windbag
d) Donuthue

10) What is Captain Kidder's parrot's name?
a) Larry
b) Paulie
c) Ed
d) Phil

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