Yup, here they are. I do plan to try and replace Bloo's skin with a blue one if I can.

A while after I started playing this family I did find some acne to download for Terrence.

I'm glad I found bunkbeds to download. Bloo's dreaming about Terrence and Mac's dreaming about his computer.

Mac *wanted* to dance on Terrence's feet but Terrence was washing dishes so he danced with Mom instead.

Gaz was walking by during the housewarming party so I couldn't resist sending Terrence out to greet her. But she poked him in the chest and flipped his nose...

...So he gave her a noogie...

...And she started shoving him around. They might have gotten into a fight if it didn't start to get dark and I paused the game to install lawn lights which caused all three Vaughn kids to forget what they were doing so they could come out and complain they they didn't like the lawn lights. Gaz got bored and went in to watch TV.

Here, Mac and Terrence play Rock Paper Scissors. Terrence won and went around gloating. Mac pouted.

Yeah so what if this would never happen in the show, it's cute. Right after this, Terrence gave Mac a kiss.

The first day of school, Terrence brought Invader Zim home. They were goofing around in Terrence's room having fun and starting to really like eachother when Zim threw a second water balloon at Terrence (this was *after* the joy buzzer - what's with SimZim and pranking people??) and Terrence got annoyed and gave him a noogie. They started shoving eachother, but then Zim walked away. Good for Zim.

Mac cheers Terrence on as he tackles a video game.

I sent Terrence out back to work out. It didn't look like he was enjoying it much.

Bloo: "I'm a cowboy!" ...Sorry, couldn't resist.

Okay...in this picture, Mac is showing off to Terrence, who's cheering. But I like this picture because it *actually* looks like Terrence is about to push Mac over.

Here we see Mac and Mom becoming best friends. Aw. It actually took the longest for Mac and Bloo to even become regular friends let alone best friends, because Bloo is very antisocial and always wants to play alone.

Ready for this? Terrence is excited because he just got an A+ report card. That's what I get for making the kid do his homework every day. See, *that's* how to get the kid to study, have an omniscient power point-and-click his way through life. Mom doesn't have a chance.

Here Terrence is reading Mac a story. Don't let the speech-bubble fool you; it's a story about ravenous killer mutant grizzly bears who eat people's heads. Mac asked for it specifically.

I gave Terrence a guitar since he has one in his bedroom in the show, but as it turns out, he's first chair in the percussion section in the high school band (the game told me so). I gave him some drums, but seriously the game doesn't know the difference between one musical instrument and the next so Terrence plays them both.

This was my present to Terrence when he made first chair. Helmet? Whassat?

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