Okay, I admit it: the Sims 2 is awesome. And I don't even know how to do everything with it yet. Between doing your own customisation and downloading custom stuff done by others, you can create pretty much any characters and settings you want with this game. Therefore I of course waste large portions of my time recreating my favorite characters from TV and the comics. :^) I call this amalgamated neighborhood Syndicate Valley.

So far, Syndicate Valley contains the following households:

The Reads
The obligitory self-Sim household. It contains myself and my brother.

Whipstaff Manor
From the Casper movie (all ghosts alive this time of course). Contains Stretch, Fatso, Stinkie, J.T., and Casper McFadden and their renters James and Kat Harvey. Because the game won't allow you to make a family where a child or teen does not have a parent within that family I was forced to create J.T., Casper's father. I planned to lure J.T. down into the basement and have him commit suicide to not only get him out of the picture but also get a keen ghost on the property; but I went soft and couldn't do it. I went ahead and made Casper and Kat both teenagers since at 12/13 they're closer to teens than children.

BJ's Roadhouse
From the Beetlejuice cartoon. Contains roommates Jacques LaLean, Ginger DeSpeeder, and Beetle Juice (all human).

The Deetzes
From the Beetlejuice cartoon. Contains Charles, Delia, and Lydia Deetz. I went ahead and made Lydia a teen.

The Generics
From the cartoon Bobby's World. Contains Howie, Martha, Kelly, Derek, and Bobby Generic. Technically Bobby should be a toddler but I tried that and well, toddlers really can't do anything good so I grew him up to a child. Derek is a child and Kelly is a teen. I *may* move in Uncle Ted and Aunt Ruth later, haven't decided.

The Oblongs
From The Oblongs. Contains Bob, Pickles, Biff, Chip, Milo, and Beth Oblong. Obviously I could not really create them as genetic mutations so the twins aren't siamese, Beth doesn't have that thing on her head, and Bob is blessed with all of his limbs. But Milo is painfully hyper. I considered adding Gramma but I don't want her walking around, so perhaps I can redesign a medical dummy object to look like her so she'll just lie there the way she ought to. I do plan to create the Klimers.

The Vaughns
From Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends - Vaughn is the last name I gave Mac's family. Contains Janet, Terrence, Mac, and Bloo Vaughn. I had some trouble with the blue skin I installed so Bloo is Caucasian (for now) though the blue hair I made is functioning.

The Freebus Arms
From the cartoon The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley. Contains Leo and Deidre Freebus and their renters, Tina and Wendell Malone, and Ed Grimley. I may build an attic and move in the Gustav brothers and their mother at some point.

The Membranes
From Invader Zim. Contains Professor, Gaz, and Dib Membrane. I started Gaz and Dib off as children and they *looked* great, but children are pretty limited so I got bored and grew them up into teens.

The Invaders
From Invader Zim. Contains RoboDad, RoboMom, Zim, and Gir Invader. RoboDad and RoboMom are spouses but I made both Zim and Gir unrelated to them or to eachother (by using hacks to remove their family ties in-game). RoboDad and -Mom have flesh-colored cyberskin. Zim is green and has genetic violet humanlike eyes but I made some solid red contacts he can wear and found a pair of black antennae he can swap his hair for (I couldn't make him have red eyes genetically because then the human contacts won't show up). Gir has silver cyberskin, silver hair, and pupilless turquoise-blue eyes. Zim and Gir are teens.

The Cobbs
From the comic strip JumpStart. Contains only Joe and Marcy Cobb because I lost interest in the strip when they started having kids. (God forbid there be a comic strip about a happily *childless* couple, I suppose...)

The Duncans
From the comic strip Zits. Contains Walt, Connie, Chad and Jeremy Duncan. I created Chad as a teen, and later when I get ready to play with the college stuff, I'll advance him to a young adult and send him to university.

When I play Sims 2 I see it more as a building program than as a "game" so I make liberal use of hacks and cheats because to me, its all about recreating what I want, not struggling with people's wants and needs. I use the InSIMinator primarily (link on the Links page), and I turn aging off. I want children to remain children, teens to remain teens, etc.

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