While I appreciate being viewed as a source of unlimited knowledge and resources on Beetlejuice, Popeye, Darkwing Duck, and everything else my various websites cover, I...well, am not. ;^) Please note that everything I have by way of multimedia files, such as screen grabs, sound files, video clips, etc, is already posted on my websites. Please do not email me requesting stuff like 'Do you have any pictures of Lydia eating spaghetti' or where can I get a sound clip of Wimpy saying his 'I'll gladly pay you Tuesday' line? Don't bother asking me for stuff I haven't posted. Believe me, if I had a picture of Lydia eating spaghetti I would have posted it; I'm not hiding anything. As for asking me where you can find files of something elsewhere...well, truth is, I'm notoriously poor at knowing stuff like that. You'd be better off using a Yahoo search, seriously. But if you merely have other types of questions about stuff (and aren't actually asking me for files), don't hesitate to email me, and I'll try to help you out. Thanks for reading.

P.S. - If you have Popeye-related questions, I can provide you with an alternate solution to asking me: try my Popeye forum, here. I admit it doesn't get much traffic but it's all I can suggest.