I have posted an updated version of this design on my intarsia page here

I made this hoodie on a Bond Ultimate Sweater Machine (the one pictured was a commission).

If you want to make your own, you can get the design patterns here: front, back. You can view them by downloading PCStitch's Pattern Viewer for free. Designs are pre-reversed as one would need them if using a Bond machine. Ignore the neckline in favor of your chosen sweater pattern's neckline (as well as the design length, you may need to shorten it). The design is elongated vertically because otherwise it would look squashed, as I used Keyplate #2 and that is a tight gauge. Email me if you have questions, but I only really know how to knit intarsia on the Bond and not by hand.

Lydia Return to The Neitherworld.

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