Right now I only have four pieces. As I don't have a working scanner at the moment these are photographs of the framed pieces - look close and you can see my reflection holding the camera. :^)

Sappy-Faced Ghouls

This was the first piece I bought, it was on eBay rather cheap (I think about $25). There's no background, but the cel came with the original lineart of one frame off from this pose.

The Maitland House

As is common, this cel overlay came with a background from probably a complete different episode, but it looks nice together. There are two cels, one of the house complete with the hill, trees, and fence, and one with the mailbox.


The cel of Beetlejuice and Lydia is obviously from Vidiots, but the background again doesn't actually match the episode.

BJ's Roadhouse Interior

When I get a scanner I must post some details from this one, because it is so awesome. I love the tiny portrait of Lydia to the right of the wardrobe. (Background only, no cels.)


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