There were six books published by Minstrel Books (a division of Pocket Books). The penname of the author was 'B.J. Specter.' I obtained some of my copies from, some from eBay, and some from They are all out of print. If you're looking for copies I suggest trying those sites. is an excellent place to find out-of-print books and videos, and unlike eBay, it's not an auction site. The prices are great!

General comments: The books are a fun read. Never mind the mistake on some of the covers/back covers, where they call Peaceful Pines 'Pleasant Pines' - they get it right within the stories. Other than the occasional minor discrepency, there are a couple of glaring weird things they did in the stories: One, Lydia has a tendancy to call her father 'Charles', which is a bit jarring; and two, Poopsie can talk! I dunno why they did that. Also, you'll notice in some of the illustrations the presence of some minor characters who are not supposed to be in the scene described, but oh well. Best to ignore it. ;^) The 'descriptions' that accompany each picture are taken from the back covers.

Beetlejuice For President


     Beetlejuice is tired of feeling like just another ghoul. He wants power, riches, and the freedom to make trouble whenever he likes. There's only one solution: to run for president of the Neitherworld.
     He would do anything to get elected. But when Beetlejuice says he'll make Halloween a year-round holiday, his friend Lydia knows he'll never be able to keep his promise.
     Can Lydia make an honest ghoul out of Beetlejuice before the election blows up in his face?

Lydia's Scream Date

     The biggest party of the year is coming up and Lydia doesn't have a date. Then Beetlejuice has a great plan. He'll haunt the captain of the football team and go as Lydia's scream date!
     At the party, Beetlejuice's dancing really makes heads spin, especially his own. But Lydia realizes she'd better come to the rescue when his fancy footwork starts catching up to him - and Beetlejuice is scared by his own shadow!

Rock N' Roll Nightmare

     When Beetlejuice and his heavy metal band, Blades 'N' Tulips, decide to produce their own music video show, rock music is soon blasting from every TV set in Peaceful Pines. Lydia loves Music Ghoul-A-Vision - until she notices that her friends and neighbors are acting even weirder than usual.
     Can Lydia get to the MGV studio in the Neitherworld and stop the music before Peaceful Pines becomes a town full of rocked-out zombies?

Twisted Tours

     Beetlejuice has a great get-rich-quick scheme. He charges hundreds of his fellow ghouls for a tour of Pleasant Pines, Lydia's hometown.
     At first the tour is a huge success. Then the slimeball slips down the drain at the water company. A weight-lifting skeleton discovers the health spa. And a romantic vampire falls in love with screen vampires at a local movie theater.
     Life in Pleasant Pines is so good that the frightseers refuse to go back to the Neitherworld. Can Lydia and Beetlejuice get them home before the town turns into a tourist nightmare?

Camp Fright

     Lydia dreads spending another boring summer in Peaceful Pines. But her scheming pal Beetlejuice has just the answer! He convinces all the parents in town to send their little darlings to Camp Wannapuka. The lucky campers are about to have the wildest summer of their lives!
     First there's Poison Ivy, the counselor made from shiny green leaves. Then there are the camp delicacies such as eyeball soup and hot sludge sundaes. Things go downhill fast when the campers from across the lake crawl in for a visit. Soon all the campers want to go home. What can Beetlejuice and Lydia do to save Camp Wannapuka?

Trial By Ghost


     When Lydia is kidnapped and forced to assist in a Neitherworld bank robbery, she is caught by the local ghost police. Beetlejuice tries every trick in the book to clear her name, but it's no use. Lydia is sentenced to afterlife in the Neitherworld prison!
     Lydia's only hope is to find the real culprits. With the help of her cell mates, she and Beetlejuice stage a daring escape. Can they locate the real robbers before the Neitherworld cops spirit her back to the dungeons?

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