Serial Experiments lain Scripts

NOTE: The dialog in these scripts are taken from the subtitles. Text in (gray type) is used to indicate ways that the dub significantly differs from the sub.

layer 01: "WEIRD"


  1. Opening
  2. A Girl's Death
  3. Chat On The Wired - 1
  4. E-mail From Chisa
  5. Yasuo's Room
  6. Railway Accident
  7. "Come to the Wired"
  8. Ending
(in order introduced,
family name first)
Japanese seiyuu
(family name first)
English dub voice-actor
(family name second)
Yomoda ChisaMuto Kotomi Lia Sargent
Three Teenage Girls??? ???
Business ManHachinohe Suguru???
Young WomanKurihawa Mikiko????
Iwakura LainShimizu KaoriRuby Marlowe
Kato Juri ("Julie")Mizuno ManabiAlexis A. Edwards
Mizuki Arisu ("Alice")Asada YokoEmily Brown
Yamamoto ReikaTezuka ChiharoLenore Zann
Male Teacher (non-speaking)(non-speaking)
Computer (V.O.)??? Melissa Williamson
Iwakawa MihoIgarashi Rei Petrea Burchard
Iwakawa MikaKawasumi AyakoP. J. Lee
Iwakawa YasuoOhbayashi RyuunosukeGil Starbery
Railway Announcer (V.O.) ??????
Suicidal Schoolgirl (non-speaking)(non-speaking)
Female Teacher??? Dorothy Melendrez
various Bystanders, Schoolgirls
and Passengers