It's the Neitherworld-Wide-Web! This page justly glorifies one of the grossest beings to ever grace the big and little screens with his ghostly presence, Beetlejuice! I'm proud to say I was the first to launch a website dedicated to the Beetlejuice cartoon series! Er--is that a good or a bad thing? ;*)

Never Forgotten
My Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends fansite, with a forum. Best known on the Internet for my extensive screengrab library.

Sparky's Stitches
My little mini home embroidery business.

The Rough House
My humble salute to one of the greatest comic strips of all time, Popeye, created by E.C. Segar. Includes the Popeye forum, a tribute to the live-action Popeye movie with Robin Williams, and The Homage to Wimpy.

Who's Johnny?
Short Circuit fansite. (Such as it is.)

Metro City
Pretty much only an episode guide of the cartoon Inspector Gadget.

Whipstaff Manor
Yeah, so I like dead guys, so what? 8^) My other ghost-based website. Primarily a fansite for the 1995 movie Casper but covers Casper-related stuff in general.

Totally Decent - An Ed Grimley Fansite
Yeah, I think I officially went insane with this one. When I rediscovered The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley and found out there was little info on the show available online, I decided to make a fanpage myself.

Toulon's Trunk - A Puppet Master Fansite
There's not much here yet, sorry. Fanpage for the Puppet Master series of films.

Yume Nikki Fansite
A Yume Nikki fansite.

An Ant Bully Fansite
I was sad that there weren't any fanistes for The Ant Bully so I whipped one togther. Nothing spectacular.

Ahh! Real Monsters: The Movie
A page for Klasky Csupo's great series Ahh! Real Monsters!. The only thing up so far though, is the treatment for a Real Monsters movie I wrote in college.

The Fearsome Five's Evil Web Empire
Dedicated to Darkwing Duck's enemies, this page offers fanart, fanfiction, and a few other odd (and I mean it) tidbits here and there. I've always had this thing for 'toon baddies...

Quackerjack Toys Manufacturing Catalogue
Can't get enough of the Fearsome Five? Visit the one and only, original, Quackerjack Toys Manufacturing Company Online Catalogue!

P.T. Flea's Circus
Come one, come all, to the greatest bug circus this side of the fence! The stunts are daring and the popcorn is stale! Just remember, no refunds after the first two minutes.

The Mystery Men Project
This site is to house any Mystery Men-related stuff I care to put up for my own twisted amusement. Who would want to rent a chicken?

A - brace yourself - Don Bluth's Thumbelina fan site. Go ahead and laugh. Yes, I admit it was a cutsie movie. So I'm not allowed to like cute things?? Leave me alone, I like it anyways. ;^P And I think I'm the first person in the world to ever write Thumbelina fanfic, so that makes me special! 8)

I couldn't find a fansite for the animated film Help! I'm a Fish so naturally I had to make one. Just a basic fansite, I doubt it'll get any fancier than my Ant Bully site.

The Magic Roundabout
There's not much here yet - this is a fansite for the UK film The Magic Roundabout. Contains info on the classic and new series as well as the American redub Doogal.

Pain's Domain
Pain is my absolute favorite character from Disney's Hercules. But no one else seems to like him all that much. Between him and Panic, more people seem to like Panic. They say he's cuter. No way! Pain's the cute one! So what if he has a big mouth? And he yells all the time! So?! What's wrong with yelling all the time!! Huh?!! :*) Anyways, this page has Hercules-inspired fanart, fanfic, a glossary of Greek mythology, and some other stuff. Oh, and lots of exclaimation points!!

Sparky's Pumpkin Pages
A site all about pumpkins: cooking, carving, all that jazz.

The Website That Almost Wasn't
A fansite for my favorite holiday movie of all time, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't," from 1966, directed by Rossano Brazzi and starring Paul Tripp. It's corny and campy and I adore it.

Smoking Umbrella
Oh come on, you know Pengers was the coolest villain Batsy ever had to showdown with. I couldn't find any other all-Penguin sites out there so I decided to make this one.

The Pam Cowan Memorial Site

My good friend Pam passed away on September 13, 2006.

Stuff & Nonsense
A place for me to put random things.