Episode 4-50: Beetle Geezer

First Aired: Friday November 15, 1991
Written by: J.D. Smith
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Lydia treats her grandmother as if she's too old to do anything, and Grandma gets sick of it. With the help of Beetlejuice (disguised as Mr. Beetleman's father Grandpa Beetleman), Grandma Deetz takes all the other disgruntled inhabitants of the old folk's home on a wild tour of the Neitherworld.

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I didn't like this ep at the outset - mostly because I didn't like enduring Beetlejuice as an old geezer for an entire half-hour. But by about a third of the way through, I had grown to like Grandma Deetz, and by the end, I was enjoying myself. I just would have liked to actually see the seniors' adventures in the Neitherworld (if you haven't seen this ep, what I meant by the synopsis was that while the old folks went to the Neitherworld, we didn't see what they were doing because we were focusing on how worried the families were about them).

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