Episode 4-46: Forget Me Nuts

First Aired: Monday November 11, 1991
Written by: Lester P. Lester
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Beetlejuice loses his memory (he's beaned by a satellite), so Lydia takes him to see Dr. Zigmund Void. Void splits BJ's personality, and takes the clone and Lydia within BJ's body by way of a shrinking submersible. They have to find out what is causing BJ's inability to access his memory banks before time runs out and they return to normal size.

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for "Dr. Zigmund Void, 1-800-555-2010"

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
Gack! I hate this old stand-by storyline! And they didn't even do a good job with it. In other words, this ep is a stinker. Point of interest: I believe this and 'Dragster Of Doom' are the only episodes in which Lydia says 'cool.'

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