Episode 4-39: In the Schticks

First Aired: Thursday October 31, 1991
Written by: Patricia Goldstone
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When Beetlejuice and Lydia pull a scam, Lydia gets sentenced to washing dishes at The Last Resort Resort on the River Schticks. Beetlejuice, haunted by memories of his Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma, who used to take him to the Last Resort Resort when he was a baby, rushes to Lydia's rescue. Can they survive the awful jokes that abound everywhere on the River Schticks?

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
Good story. I like the eps that show how much BJ and Lydia care about eachother. Uncle Sid and Aunt Irma are a hoot. I like the Catskull Mountains, and Carry-on, the ferryman.

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