Episode 4-28: It's A Wonderful Afterlife

First Aired: Wednesday October 16, 1991
Written by: Jullianne Klemm
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Yes, you've guessed it: Beetlejuice has an off day and wishes he had never met any of his friends. Clarence Sale shows up and shows him what the Neitherworld - and the real world - would be like without him. Seeing Lydia miserable and friendless convinces BJ to change his mind, and Clarence is rewarded for his trouble with a shiny new car.

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I'm not sure if I like this episode or if I hate it. I agree with BJ - the only good reason for him to change his mind is for Lydia, and not for any of the other things Clarence shows him. It's kind of interesting to see BJ's Neitherworld friends rich and famous, though.

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