Episode 4-24: Goody Two Shoes

First Aired: Thursday October 10, 1991
Written by: Evelyn A-R Gabai, Tedd Anasti & Patsy Cameron
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It's 'Good Neighbor Day' in the Neitherworld, when being nice is a law. Of course, BJ won't stand for it, and causes trouble...which lures in Goody Two Shoes, a Fairy from the Bureau of Sweetness and Prissiness (BS&P - can you say that on television?). With a wave of her wand, Goody turns everyone into denizens of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood - what a fate!

Featured CGI Portion:

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
I don't know about this ep - it's kinda boring. Armhold Musclehugger is good in here, though.

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