Episode 4-16: Smell-A-Thon

First Aired: Monday September 30, 1991
Written by: Larry Parr
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When BJ finds out about the Save-The-Whales Telethon Lydia is involved in, he gets an idea: hold his own telethon and make a fortune! So he holds a Save-The-Smells Telethon to do just that - until he actually, truly, begins to believe in his cause. Who would have thought? Apparently nobody, because when the telethon money mysteriously disappears, Public Opinion rises squarely against Beetlejuice...

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for Barry MeNot's Scam-O-Rama

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
This ep is pretty good - it's nice to see BJ actually stand up for something other than himself. The Sappy-Faced Ghouls do a good job here, and LipScum turns my stomach as usual.

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