Episode 1-08: Pest O' the West

First Aired: Saturday October 28, 1989
Written by: J.D. Smith
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BJ takes Lydia on a trip to a Neitherworld Wild West town, where the locals promptly make Beetlejuice their new sheriff. Can you guess why? Naturally, its because Bully the Crud is on his way to run the sheriff out of town. Bully 'develops' an instant crush on Lydia and drags her off to the wedding chapel...at least Lydia's insistent on keeping her last name.

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Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
One of the best eps. Bully is a trip. And I like seeing Beetlejuice having to rescue Lydia from someone who's trying to do the same thing to her that he tried to do to her himself in the movie.

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