Episode 1-03a: A Dandy Handy Man

First Aired: Saturday September 23, 1989
Written by: Peter Sauder
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Lydia is getting ready for the big photo show, but she can't decide which of her pictures is the best. Beetlejuice loves all of her work, and decides he wants to buy whichever photo she picks - but he doesn't have any money. (Un)fortunately, the Deetzes kitchen sink has sprung a leak, so BJ hatches a plan to pose as a handyman, fix the leak, and make a quick buck. But his Neitherworld tools won't stand for being used...

Featured CGI Portion:

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
This is the first appearance of Beetlejuice's alter ego Mr. Beetleman, the Handy Dandy Handyman. This is a very early episode and so BJ is still a little low-key, but the ep is entertaining anyway.

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