Episode 1-01: Critter Sitters

First Aired: Saturday September 9, 1989
Written by: Patsy Cameron & Tedd Anasti
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BJ needs some cash to buy Lydia a present so when she gets a job baby-sitting, he follows suit. But Neitherworld babies are a bit more of a handful than Outerworld ones, and BJ gets dragged before Judge Mental for a long string of offences. Can Lydia keep him from getting thrown to the Sandworms?

Featured CGI Portion:
A commercial for "Scream Puffs"

Sparky's Big Fat Opinion:
Ok, long comments on this one because it is the first episode. First of all, the story is very good, and the episode is entertaining overall. Secondly, this episode is very interesting, being very different from any other episode made. How is it different? Well, simply because this was the first episode both recorded and animated (I am assuming), so the characters look a little different, and they sound a little different too, as the voice actors hadn't yet settled into their roles. Also, as could be expected, the writers were trying to stick as closely to the Beetlejuice from the movie as they could and still keep it clean, so the BJ here is, while still a bit unique, also very much like Michael Keaton (in my opinion). Check out, too, how his original character design more closely resembles Keaton (at least from certain angles). Thankfully, too, this is the only episode that features a full-blown song-and-dance routine. Beetlejuice is a (slightly) better singer here than he is in say, 'Ship Of Ghouls,' because Steven Ouimette hadn't yet developed that harshness to BJ's voice.

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