I don't know how to thank everyone for all their years of support for this site and my efforts to immortillise The Ghost With the Most. I regret not having spent more time on this website, and I feel that I have no excuse. In an effort to convince everyone that I am indeed still a major drooling fan of the show, I present you with a more in-depth episiode guide to replace the old one, which has been plagerised so many times on and off the Internet that I don't really feel that it is mine anymore. I give you now individual guides for each episode, for which I plan to write new summaries (as I get the time) and provide screencaps (again, as I get the time). Also, feel free to click on the TV.com icons to go to the episode pages on that site, as you will find other information contributed by myself and others - such as quotes, trivia, reviews, and detailed recaps of the episodes. Please bear with the discrepancies on TV.com as I am still working on correcting them (I edit the show guide there). If you're interested in writing reviews for the show as a whole or for the individual episodes, TV.com is a good place to do this - signing up is free. You will get credit for reviews. However if you want to submit show info and want credit, TV.com isn't the right place to do that. Submissions become anonymous once accepted. But if you're not a credit hog and would like to help me pad out the guide, I'd be glad to review your submissions. :^) You can also find me on the forum there. My username on TV.com is NeitherSparky.

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