The Monster Across the Street


Name: Just "Monster Across the Street," apparently
Profile: The Neitherworld's biggest walking hairball
Status: At war with Beetlejuice
Catchphrase(s): "What in tarhooties?!" (don't ask me)
Identified by: Obnoxious country music; Shedding; Somehow being able to see with his eyes covered

The Monster Across the Street is both a good and a bad neighbor: He's always willing to lend a hand, but he's also always willing to sing loudly in the middle of the night. Beetlejuice is always pulling pranks on him, and the ghost also has a habit of kicking the Monster when he's down--literally. But the Monster is a stubborn customer, and although he prays daily for BJ to move away, he refuses to leave himself, no matter how bad it gets. His loyal companion is a bizarre little dog-like animal named Poopsie, who loves cheesy country music as much as his master. The Monster began dating the Monstress in later seasons, and has had a rollercoaster relationship with her ever since.

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