Name: Dragster of Doom
Profile: The Original FrankencarTM
Status: Salvaged
Catchphrase(s): "Beep beeeeep!"
Identified by: Random acts of kindness; Amazing hair-growing ability

Doomie is a weird combination of a convertible, Frankenstein's monster, and Mr. Hyde. Beetlejuice created Doomie from spare car parts, and revived him a la the theatrical release of Frankenstein (lightning, thrown switches, ect., ect.). By some strange side effect, Doomie, normally a peaceful soul, metamorphosizes into a hairy, hulking, slavering beast whenever he gets angry or afraid. Doomie fell in love with a pink car owned by Mayor Maynot at one point and attempted to bring it to life. His experiment was a failure but Pinky came to life anyway by the power of Doomie's love. Doomie, however, is still a bachelor car, and still lives in BJ's garage.

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