Name: Beetle Juice
Profile: Self-Proclaimed "Ghost With the Most."
Status: Deceased
Catchphrase(s): "It's Showtime!"
Identified by: Intolerably rank body odor; angry mob usually in pursuit

Beetlejuice is the epitome of antiheroism. He's a snake-in-the-grass, a real stinker, a professional liar, and he cheats at anything and everything. He'd send his own grandmother to NeitherNeitherLand if there was a cash reward involved. But we love him anyways. Let's face it: Beetlejuice is cool. His clothes beat out any other outfit I've ever seen on any other cartoon, and he was wearing his hair long way before that was the cool thing for guy 'toons to do. He's as (if not more) powerful than a certain Semi-Phenomonal, Nearly-Cosmic Being, and he was saying "Show me the money!" long before that guy in that one movie was. And--I'll say it--he's not bad-looking, for a corpse.

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